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15 Heartwarming Family Friendly Valentine’s Day Movies

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Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic dinners and flowers; it’s also a wonderful opportunity to gather the family for a cozy movie night filled with love and laughter. We’ve curated a list of the 15 best family-friendly Valentine’s Day movies to watch that you can add as one of your family’s Valentine’s Day traditions.


A delightful mix of animation and live-action, “Enchanted” follows the adventures of Giselle as she navigates the complexities of love in both the animated and real worlds.


“Gnomeo and Juliet” is an animated film that puts a whimsical spin on William Shakespeare’s classic play. Set in the world of garden gnomes, the story follows Gnomeo, a blue gnome, and Juliet, a red gnome, whose love defies the rivalry between their respective gnome families. Filled with humor, colorful animation, and a soundtrack featuring Elton John’s music, the film charmingly reimagines the timeless tale of star-crossed lovers in a delightful and family-friendly way.


A Timeless classic that combines romance, adventure, and humor. Follow the journey of Princess Buttercup and Westley as they navigate the pitfalls of the fairy-tale world.


“Lady and the Tramp” is a timeless Disney classic that tells the heartwarming tale of Lady, a refined Cocker Spaniel, and Tramp, a street-smart mutt, who find love in unexpected places. Lady learns that love grows as the family grows.


In “The Little Rascals,” love takes center stage in an endearing and comedic fashion as the He-Man Woman Haters Club undergoes a transformation. Spanky, the club’s leader, finds himself unexpectedly drawn to Darla, challenging the club’s original purpose. The film showcases the innocence of childhood crushes and the heartwarming realization that, even for a group of mischievous kids, love has the power to unite and redefine friendships.

6 – Cinderella (2015, PG)

“Cinderella” (2015) weaves a tale of romance as the charming Prince Kit encounters Cinderella at the royal ball. The film beautifully captures the blossoming love between the two characters amidst the magical ambiance of the ballroom. Their love story unfolds with grace, chemistry, and a touch of enchantment, adding a heartfelt dimension to this live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

7 – BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2017, PG)

In the 2017 “Beauty and the Beast,” love blossoms amidst enchantment and adversity. Belle, portrayed by Emma Watson, and the Beast, played by Dan Stevens, embark on a poignant journey where they discover the true meaning of love beyond appearances. The film beautifully explores the transformative power of love, emphasizing compassion, understanding, and the ability to see beauty within, making it a captivating and heartfelt rendition of the classic tale.


“War Babies” is perfect if you want something super short (only 11 minutes total), sweet and funny. It’s a 1932 short film featuring Shirley Temple in one of her earliest roles. In this musical comedy, a young Shirley stars as Charmaine, a charismatic toddler who leads a group of other children in a charming and entertaining performance at a military camp. The film showcases Shirley Temple’s cute charm and precocious talent.

9 – MY GIRL (PG)

“My Girl” is a poignant coming-of-age film that intricately weaves themes of friendship, loss, and young love. Set in the early 1970s, the story revolves around the unlikely friendship between Vada Sultenfuss, played by Anna Chlumsky, and Thomas J., portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, as they navigate the challenges of growing up. The film’s portrayal of a deep and innocent connection between the two young protagonists explores the complexities of love, loss, and the enduring impact of those we hold dear.


“A Walk to Remember” is a heartfelt romantic drama that tells the story of Landon Carter, played by Shane West, and Jamie Sullivan, portrayed by Mandy Moore. The film explores the transformative power of love when Landon, a high school rebel, falls for Jamie, a quiet and compassionate minister’s daughter. Their love story beautifully unfolds against the backdrop of challenges and personal growth, leaving a lasting impact on both characters and viewers alike.


“Tuck Everlasting” is a fantasy drama that delves into the themes of eternal life and the essence of true love. The story follows Winnie Foster, played by Alexis Bledel, who encounters the immortal Tuck family and discovers their secret spring that grants eternal life. As Winnie grapples with the choice between immortality and the fleeting nature of human existence, the film explores the profound and bittersweet nature of love that transcends time and mortality, making it a poignant and thought-provoking tale.


“Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” is a charming animated special that follows the beloved Peanuts characters as they navigate the ups and downs of love on Valentine’s Day. Charlie Brown hopes for a Valentine’s card from the Little Red-Haired Girl, while Linus pines for his teacher, Miss Othmar. With humor and heart, the special explores themes of friendship, unrequited love, and the simplicity of expressing affection on this special day.

13 – OVERBOARD (1987, PG)

The original “Overboard” movie, released in 1987, is a romantic comedy that follows the unlikely love story between Joanna Stayton, a wealthy socialite portrayed by Goldie Hawn, and Dean Proffitt, a laid-back carpenter played by Kurt Russell. After Joanna suffers amnesia and Dean convinces her that she is his wife, the two embark on a comedic journey of self-discovery and unexpected romance. The film charmingly explores the transformative power of love, challenging societal norms and showcasing the importance of genuine connection over material wealth.


“Tangled” is a captivating Disney animated film that reimagines the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel. The story follows the spirited Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, who, after spending her entire life in a tower, sets out on an adventurous journey with the roguish Flynn Rider, voiced by Zachary Levi. Filled with humor, heart, and magical moments, the film explores themes of self-discovery, love, and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams against all odds.


In “The Croods: A New Age,” love takes center stage amidst the Stone Age chaos as the Crood family encounters the more sophisticated Bettermans. Eep, the adventurous Crood daughter, finds herself drawn to Guy, while the contrasting love stories of both families highlight the importance of acceptance and unity. The film beautifully portrays the evolving dynamics of love, friendship, and familial bonds in a hilarious and heartwarming adventure that transcends the prehistoric era.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love at home with a family movie night by watching one of these heartwarming and family friendly Valentine’s day movies. Grab some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy the magic of these timeless tales that capture the essence of love, friendship, and togetherness.

Much love + aloha and Happy Valentine’s Day,

Stacey + Niki

As a bonus for Valentine’s Day, check out my toddler’s all time favorite Valentine’s Day song…we sing it all the time. Pete the Cat: No No No!

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