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18 Unique Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Teacher appreciation week is an opportunity to express gratitude for the dedication, passion, and hard work of educators who shape the minds and futures of our children. Finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation can be a meaningful way to acknowledge their efforts and show how much they are valued. We’ve put together a list of creative and unique teacher appreciation gift ideas to help you easily and thoughtfully show appreciation to our teachers.

These DIY teacher appreciation gifts are also perfect for other staff, bus drivers, school employees, employees, nurses, and more! And they can easily be customized by adding text or a signature with the Canva app.

Pencil Teacher Appreciation Gift

Pencil Gift Card Holder

Add a gift card to this fun pencil thank you card. “Thanks for being the ‘WRITE’ teacher for me! It was a great year!”

Starburst Teacher Appreciation Gift

Starburst Thank You Tag

This simple teacher gift tag can be attached to a pack of Starbursts or added to a mason jar for a little more homemade touch. “I am BURSTING with appreciation! Thanks for being a STAR!”

Candy Teacher Appreciation Gift

Candy Thank You Tags

This candy gift tag pack comes with 18 different designs and is perfect as a teacher gift, end of school year gift to your classmates, or any other staff you’d like to show your appreciation for. With so many options, you’re bound to find a favorite for everyone

Starbucks Teacher Appreciation Gift

Starbucks Gift Card Holder

“Sip sip hooray, drinks on me today! Thanks a LATTE for all you do!” Teachers and Starbucks just go together.

Dunkin' Donuts Teacher Appreciation Gift

Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card Holder

For the teachers who prefer Dunkin’ Donuts, we’ve got you! “Thanks a HOLE bunch for a SLAM DUNK year! DONUT know how to thank you enough!”

Taco Teacher Appreciation Gift

Taco Gift Card Holder

And for the teachers who love Mexican food, we’ve got this super cute taco gift card holder. You can add a gift card to Chipotle, Taco Bell, or any other Mexican restaurant of your choice. “Taco ‘bout” the perfect thank you card to give your teacher!

Amazon Teacher Appreciation Gift

Amazon Gift Card Holder

This is probably one of the most useful teacher gifts. Amazon literally has everything from A to Z! Teachers will be able to use it to purchase anything they need.

Candy Gram Teacher Appreciation Gift

Candy-Gram Thank You Card

Take the Amazon gift card a step further with this fun giant candy-gram card. “Dear (teacher’s name), Thank you for being AMAZ-ing and always going the EXTRA mile to help me become a SMARTIE. From your little STARBURST, (child’s signature)”

Thank You Note Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Thank You Note

This teacher thank you note / questionnaire is very special because it tells your child’s teacher exactly why they are grateful for them. Plus a bonus little drawing is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Bus Driver Teacher Appreciation Gift

Bus Driver Thank You Gift

Show some love to the wonderful bus drivers too! That can be a hard job so make sure you let them know they’re appreciated with this bus gift card holder and bus thank you tag.

Galaxy Teacher Appreciation Gift

Galaxy Themed Tags

This galaxy themed gift tag is not just for teachers. You can give it to staff, employees, and even your fellow students. Just add to a Milky Way candy bar, Mars candy bar, bath bomb, fingernail polish, or any other galaxy themed gifts you can think of.

Popcorn Teacher Appreciation Gift

Popcorn Thank You Tag

“Poppin’ by to say thanks for all you do!” Add to a bag of popcorn or use this gift card holder to add a gift card to the movie theater.

Brownie Teacher Appreciation Gift

Brownies Thank You Tag

Even teachers deserve “BROWNIE points” every now and then!

Cookie Teacher Appreciation Gift

Cookie Thank You Tag

These cookie thank you tags would look super cute attached to a Crumbl cookie. Yum!!

Ice Cream Teacher Appreciation Gift

Ice Cream Gift Card Holder

Help teachers to cool off this summer with a gift card to a favorite ice cream shoppe.

Fruit Teacher Appreciation Gift

Fruit Thank You Tags

Just like the candy bar thank you tags, these fruit tags are versatile because there are so many different designs. You can add them to a fruit basket, bowl of fruit, fruit snacks or any fruity smelling lotion, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

Lava Grow Teacher Appreciation Gift

Lava / Plant Thank You Tag

Teachers love plants so why not give them something that will last for years to come?! “I LAVA you and all that you do! Thanks for helping me grow!”

School Supplies Teacher Appreciation Gift

Note Thank You Tag

Attach these paper themed thank you tags to any classroom supply. Teachers always need supplies, so this gift will be perfect as a thank you.

Hope you found a few teacher appreciation gifts to use at the end of the school year. If you’re in need of some teacher appreciation week ideas, check out these 14 teacher appreciation week ideas that can be set up in the teacher lounge for the entire week or grab a few to switch it up daily.

Much aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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