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18 Fun & Easy Kids Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

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18 Fun & Easy Kids Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and that means it’s time to get all of the Valentines Cards together for the classroom party. We’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite printable kids Valentine’s Day card ideas that any child would be proud to give to their fellow classmates. From preschool to older kids, there’s something here for every age, gender and personality!


Got a child with a sense of humor? Then you’ll definitely want to make these punny “Valentine, I pick you!” Valentine’s Day card. Some ideas to stick up the bear’s nose: Pixie Sticks, glowsticks, silly straws or pencils.


This valentine is a classic. “We go together like Milk & Cookies.” What kid doesn’t love a cookie? Add any cookie to the back. We like the individually wrapped Oreos & Chips Ahoy cookies best.


Perfect valentine for dancer or princess. Just add a cute scrunchie to this “You are TUTU sweet” ballerina valentine. This has always gotten top reviews because it’s such a unique gift! And it can also double as a gift to your fellow dance teammates. It’s a great dance valentine for a dance teacher to give her dance students too!


This one’s specifically for the toddlers and preschoolers…but I’m sure kids of all ages wouldn’t mind getting their hands on some Play Doh! “You are DOH best!” Cut out the middle circle and add a mini sized Play Doh can.


This one’s a super easy one and can be printed on white paper or colored paper. We love using brown craft paper for a clean look. Got a Jonas Brothers fan? Then this is the perfect valentine as it’s a verse from one of their most popular songs, Sucker. “I’m a SUCKER for you!” valentine has minimal cutting and only needs you to add a sucker with some cute washi tape.


This is also a favorite! “Valentine, I CHEWS you!” Gumballs in a gumball machine is a childhood classic so these valentines will for sure be memorable for any kid. You can put the gumballs in plastic baggies with a zip tie or you can purchase these small condiment cups (available at Walmart as well) for cheap.


This was created with the older kids in mind. Smiley faces and the checker pattern just go together. You can add this smiley face valentine to anything. It’s not too cheesy or childish, so if you have a child that feels too old to be handing out valentines, go with these.


After so many treats and candy from Halloween, Christmas and New Years, most parents are done with sugar! These “You are a CUTIE!” mandarin orange valentines are healthy and easy to put together. Plus, they’re a great option if you’re in a pinch and find yourself needing something last minute because who doesn’t have mandarin oranges on hand at all times?!


This one’s definitely a crowd pleaser. If your child loves pranks and funny jokes, these whoopee cushion valentines are it for them. Purchase mini whoopee cushions here and attach them to the fart clouds with some twine. Includes four punny cards:

  • “Hope you have a ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ Valentine’s Day”
  • “WHOOPEE, it’s Valentine’s Day”
  • “Wishing you HEARTS & FARTS FUN”
  • “Love STINKS”


This is a super fun valentine for any child, big or small. “I like the way you ROLL” roller skate valentine is so colorful, fun and easy to put together. We like using fruit roll-ups for the treat but you could use Rolo’s or even mini donuts wrapped in plastic and taped on top of the wheels. Either way, it’s a super fun kids Valentine’s Day card to hand out for the classroom Valentine’s Day party.

11 – CARS

For all those boys & girls who love cars. This car valentine is for you. Just add a Hot Wheelz toy car or some finger skateboards. It comes with four different cards:

  • “I think you’re WHEELIE awesome”
  • “I like how you ROLL”
  • “You make my heart RACE”
  • “You AUTO be my valentine”


“May the force be with you” as you celebrate Valentine’s Day with these Star Wars valentines. Includes 12 different Valentine’s Day cards.


Make Valentine’s Day fantastical & magical with these fun Encanto themed valentines. Includes 10 different “You are MAGICAL” valentine cards featuring Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Dolores, Bruno, Antonio, Camilo, Abuela, Pepa & Julieta Marigal.

13 – BUGS

Do you have a bug lover in your home? Then they’re definitely going to want to share the love of bugs with their classmates with these clever “Bugs & Kisses” mason jar Valentine’s Day cards. Put the bug valentine along with plastic bugs or gummy worms & Hershey Kisses in a cellophane bag and tie with some twine.


In a time crunch? Assemble these sweet “I am BERRY happy we are friends” valentines with a bag of fruit snacks you already have in the pantry or can quickly pick up at any grocery store.

15 – DANCE

“You make my heart TWIRL” with these super cute scrunchie dance valentines. Just like the ballerina valentines but can apply to all dancers or any little girl who loves giving a girly valentine.


A game and a treat in one equals perfection! These “Hugs & Kisses, X’s & O’s” Tic-Tac-Toe valentines are also super easy to put together and all you need to add are some Hershey Kisses.

17 – BLOW

Bubbles, balloons, or bubblegum all go along with this super sweet “Ewe BLOW me away” sheep valentine.

18 – SLIME

Last but not least, our kids absolutely love making slime so why not turn valentine making into an activity! These “Be my Valen-SLIME” labels are super fun and will be a hit with all kids, all ages. Make a simple pink or red slime or go a little more elaborate and add sequins, glitter, charms or whatever you please to make a more custom slime that matches the one of the other labels included (“Rainbow Slime”, “Monster Goo”, “Cupcake Slime” or “Love Bug Slime”). Print the labels off on sticker paper and cut out with a 2 inch hole punch. Use little condiment cups from Walmart or these mini plastic cups with lids from the dollar store or Amazon.

And that’s our top 18 favorite kids Valentine’s Day card ideas to hand out for a classroom party. If you’re looking for some fun Valentine’s Day activities & games to play at home or in the classroom, checkout our post 15 Easy Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas.

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Happy Valentine’s Day,

Stacey + Niki

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