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Wednesday and Addams Family Party Cupcake Toppers

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Free Wednesday Addams Family Cupcake Toppers or Stickers

Planning a Wednesday birthday party or Wednesday Halloween party this year? Or maybe you need some creepy and kooky (mysteriously spooky!) Wednesday cupcake toppers for your next viewing party? Download our free printable Wednesday cupcake toppers below and have fun planning your next celebration. These Wednesday cupcake toppers are also perfect for an Addams Family themed birthday, baby shower, or Halloween party!

Wednesday is going to be in the top 10 Halloween outfits and Halloween party ideas this year. Print off these Wednesday cupcake toppers for your next party. Or turn them into Wednesday stickers and add them to your water bottle or laptop.And just like that, the new Netflix show Wednesday pushed Stranger Things aside to be the next pop culture phenomenon. If you’re a fan, we put together some quick free printable cupcake toppers for a fun and easy Wednesday viewing party or for your next Wednesday birthday party. These are super cool as they can double for treat bag tags or even stickers to put on your water bottles, Hydro Flasks or even your laptop!

Free Wednesday Addams Family Cupcake Toppers or Stickers

Teens and young adults all over are tuning in to watch the main character, Wednesday Addams try to figure out the murders that are plaguing the town where Wednesday’s new school Nevermore Academy is located. I even had to tune in to see what the hype was all about. And while watching teens awkwardly fall in love isn’t really my thing, the murder mystery style story telling, fun & unique characters and even the weird dancing is. Plus, Tim Burton has always been a favorite in our house with his classics like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, James & the Giant Peach, Corpse Bride, 9 & Frankenweenie to name a few.

Wednesday Netflix show is rated TV-14 so parents be cautious. It’s definitely a dark comedy and has more blood than I think is necessary. Not to mention there are floating body parts in jars that are a bit too realistic looking and a decapitated head. It’s definitely not a show for little kids.

Don’t forget to pin this for next year’s Halloween party! The Addams Family is a cult classic and one of our favorite themes for the spooky holiday! If you need more Wednesday and Addams Family party ideas check out more ideas in the shop. We’ve got Addams Family and Wednesday party games, Addams Family food tent labels, decor, and more!

Best of luck with your party planning friends. May it be creepy and kooky, mysteriously spooky!!

Happy viewing,

Stacey & Niki (mostly Niki, cause Stacey isn’t into the eerie & creepy stuff)

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