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12 Magical Disney Princess Party Ideas

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Almost every little girl requests a princess party at least once in their life! We’ve gathered 12 of our favorite Disney princess party ideas, from decor to activities to games. These princess party ideas are quick to put together and perfect for any royal ball! You’ll be able to get the cutest princess look with printable decor and guests will have a magical time playing all the games and activities we have in store.

12 Magical Disney Princess Party Ideas


The magic always starts at the door! We love setting the tone for parties and one of the fastest and easiest ways to do that is decorating the door. Do this easily with a printable princess door sign and some balloons!

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Door Sign


We LOVE party backdrops. They’re cheap and make a big wow statement! This princess party giant coloring poster doubles as decor and an activity. We print our huge 36” x 48” backdrop at our local print shop as a blueprint/engineer print for only $5. But it’s not just a decoration — play the “I Spy” game that comes along with it and then put out some crayons or washable markers for guests to color away! This makes a great welcoming activity as your waiting for all the guests to arrive and also makes a great filler activity if a child finishes their craft before it’s time to move onto the next activity. 


The food table is a great place to add extra decor. Plus it’s so much fun to have party themed food. Adding some princess food tent cards make it easy. Some Disney princess party food ideas can be:

  • Elsa’s Frozen Treats (popsicles on top of ice)
  • Snow White’s Apples
  • Anna’s Sandwhiches
  • Ariel’s Fish Friends (Goldfish Crackers or Swedish Fish gummies)
  • Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother Wands (chocolate dipped pretzels with sugar crystals)
  • Belle’s Grey Stuff (we love this recipe here from Lil Luna)
  • Vanellope’s Candy Bowl (this one’s so easy)
  • Mulan’s Rice
  • Moana’s Pulled Pork
  • Tiana’s Beignets (this recipe is super yummy from Spoonful of Flavor)
  • Merida’s Iced Rolls (Under a Tin Roof makes has a beautiful recipe)
  • Pocahontas’ Corn on the Cob
  • Jasmine’s Genie Jello (just make blue jello and add a dollop of whip cream)
  • Rapunzel’s Donut Tower
  • Aurora’s Melting Cake
Disney Princess Party Ideas - Food Labels - 2
Disney Princess Party Ideas - Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake


Sometimes there’s too much sugar on the food table so we like to add water for guests. Adding princess drink labels makes them look more thought out but really they take minutes to do.


This princess party game is a mix of musical chairs and a cake walk. First print and then cut out the pieces. Laminate them to make them more sturdy and reusable. Place the princess faces in a circle on the floor and the names inside a bowl. Have the children stand on any princess they choose, start playing any upbeat Disney songs and tell the kids to dance until the music stops. Once it stops, draw a name, the child standing on that name is out. Last childing standing WINS! If you’re afraid some children might cry when they’re out, give each kid a little prize/treat when they get picked. That way everyone’s a winner!


Optional Scavenger Hunt Game: Using the same game pieces from the cake walk, hide all the princess faces in the rooms you don’t mind guests going in. Divide the princess names evenly between the children and tell them to go find their princess(es).

Optional Princess Match Game: This game doesn’t really work in a group but I figured I’d add it because my 2 year old LOVES playing this and I love getting multiple use out of stuff. Using the same game pieces from the princess cake walk, place all the faces down and have the child match the names to the princess. To make it harder, put all the pieces upside down and play like a normal matching game. (You could also make a bunch of these and put them in the guests take-home goody bag).


We love blank Shrinky Dink paper around here! We love making DIY keychains, magnets or charms with them. First, make sure you purchase this specific Shrinky Dink paper. Trust us, we’ve tried them all! The off brand isn’t as good. The Shrinky Dink brand gives the best results. There are multiple styles within the Shrinky Dink collection. We prefer the transparent frosted one where it’s smooth on one side and rough on the other. Also called the “Ruff n’ Ready” style.



  1. If you don’t want children outlining their own princess then before guests arrive, outline all the princesses on the Shrinky Dink paper using a fine-point Sharpie marker (outline on the smooth side)
  2. If you’re making keychains or charms, use a hole punch to add a hole above the princesses head (if making magnets, skip this step)
  3. Cut out each princess
  4. Let each child pick their favorite princess(es) and make sure they color on the rough side with colored pencils
  5. Place shrinky dinks on parchment lined baking sheet in a pre-heated oven (see packaging instructions for the degrees and length of baking time)
  6. Turn on the oven light and let the kids watch the shrinking action! THIS IS THE FUNNEST PART, seeing your creation become miniature. Things are just cuter when they’re smaller! And don’t worry if the edges start flipping or curling, that’s normal. Just give it a few more seconds and you’ll see how it flattens out.
  7. When you pull them out you’ll have about 10-20 seconds to quickly flatten them more if needed. We use an oven mitt to quickly grab the shrinky dink, lay on a flat surface and push it flat.
  8. After they’ve cooled (a minute or two), seal the rough side with either modge podge or clear finger nail polish. 
  9. Add to a keychain ring or save and add to your princess jewelry (next activity).




  1. Measure each child and cut string accordingly
  2. On one end, add a crimping bead and a lobster clasp
  3. String beads
  4. Finish off the other end with another crimping bead and lobster clasp

Disney Princess Party Ideas - DIY Jewelry Activity - 1


Print off these Disney princess cupcake toppers and let each child pick their favorite princess(es) and decorate away! Let the children take these home as part of their “goody bag” or use these to replace the main cake. Either way this activity is sure to be a hit! You can ice the cupcakes before hand if you prefer not to let the kids do this.


These cupcake toppers also look so cute on top of a birthday cake!


You could really plan the entire party around this activity. You could tell the guests that they’re all princesses in training and if they pass, they’ll become honorary princesses at the end! This editable princess certificate, signed by all the Disney princesses, makes it so easy to customize each certificate for each guest. Just make sure to edit and print them before the party so they’re ready to be handed out.

Use any of the activities and games above as ideas to train all the princesses or here are some more princess training ideas:

  • Kind – write kindness notes to give to loved ones after the party
  • Generous – bake something to share with their siblings or parents after the party
  • Courageous – make these bow & arrows and practice some archery like Merida in the movie Brave
  • Honest – play a game of “Two Truths & One Lie”: Each player takes a turn saying three things about themselves, one is not true. Other players have to decide which one is the lie. We’ve played this many times with our church classes. It gets the kids talking and laughing!
  • Graceful – teach the kids a dance or teach them how to behave like a princess. Things like walking with books on top of their head, sitting properly, how to curtsy, how to eat properly, and how to wave will all be lots of fun. Make sure they’re dressed up in their princess outfits!

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Princess Academy Certificate - 3


We always like to have some good music playing in the background. A Disney themed party is easy as you just put on any Disney music. We just leave it playing in the background while we party.

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Music


We are absolutely in love with these princess goodie bags. Perfect to add as a party favor at the end, and they even double as beautiful decor for the party.

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Goodie Bags

They’re so easy to put together, and come in 3 different sizes to fit your needs. Just print, cut and glue to your bags!


Prefer to give guests a small party favor? These princess party favor thank you tags can be paired with any treat or gift your heart desires. We like to add a piece of chalk over the center spire to make it 3 dimensional and unique.

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Thank You Party Favors

We hope these Disney princess party ideas help you plan your own magical Disney Princess party!

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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