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How to Throw the Best Stranger Things Party: Part 2

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Looking to host the BEST Stranger Things Party with awesome decor, great party favors, and fun games? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve collected all our best ideas to help transport your guests to the eerie town of Hawkins, Indiana. Whether it’s a Halloween party, birthday party or Stranger Things viewing party, everyone is bound to have an unforgettable experience. So continue reading to get ideas on how to decorate and party like the 80’s!

This party is chock full of ideas so we’ve broken it down into three posts. Today we’re unfolding Part 2 – Decor & Party Favors. Click the links to jump between posts:

Stranger Things Party Ideas


First up, let’s set the mood for your party by decorating the front door as well as the inside. This can be done quickly with a few signs & some caution tape or more elaborate if you have the time & creativity. It would be super cool if you could turn your home into the Upside Down, Vecna style, for a super creepy Halloween party but if you don’t have the patience, you can use our PRINTABLE Stranger Things signs as a good & simple alternative. We’ve created 6 printable signs straight from the Netflix series that are sure to give the best impression and get guests excited for a strange filled event:

  • Welcome to Hawkins
  • Leaving Hawkins Come Again Soon
  • HNL Hawkins National Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy
  • Restricted Area No Trespassing U.S. Government Property
  • Missing Posters for Will, Barb, & Eddie Munson
  • Wanted Poster for Eddie Munson


Stranger Things Party Ideas - Season 4 Garland

In addition to the front door, don’t forget to decorate the interior just as well. For this, we love using banners and garlands as well as props from the 80s. You could use old cassette tapes, a boom box, an old telephone, roller skates or any 80s toys you have lying around. Display these toys on and around the mantle or on the food table. You can easily add a personalized message with our Stranger Things inspired alphabet garland available in our Etsy shop. Print the separate pages off as many times as you need to spell out any message. Combine our Stranger Things Alphabet Garland with any of our PRINTABLE character garlands. We included most of the main Stranger Things characters (Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathon, Barb, a Demogorgon, Robin, the Mind Flayer, One, Vecna, Eddie, Argyle, Erica & Jason) along with a few extra iconic items from the show (waffle, bike, walkie talkie, bandana, cassette tape, Dustin’s hats, Sony Walkman, Hellfire Club logo & Surfer Boy pizza logo).

Stranger Things Party Ideas - Season 1 Garland
Stranger Things Party Ideas - Season 3 Garland

Definitely pick one of your favorite Stranger Things phrases from the show. Some phrase ideas that would go well with a Stranger Things themed party are “Friends Don’t Lie,” “Not Today Vecna,” “Mouthbreather,” “Stuck in the Upside Down” or just go with “Happy Halloween” or “Happy Birthday” and print the birthday boy/girls name! Grab our Stranger Things alphabet in our shop and add it with the characters garland in our Stranger Things party pack.


Build a fort and turn it into Castle Byers for a fun viewing party or to play games and eat junk food with friends during the birthday party. What screams Stranger Things more than a Castle Byers fort? Castle Byers was Will’s sanctuary where he would draw pictures and read comics. He hid in it for 3 days while he was in the Upside Down. Make your own fort hideout and easily turn it into Castle Byers with some blankets, chairs, a few sticks (not necessary but adds an awesome touch) and print off our signs to hang up. This would be super fun to watch Stranger Things for a viewing party or a place to play some old school board games, eat some junk and hangout during your birthday party. The cool thing is pretty much any kind of fort or tent can be turned into Will’s wooded hideout. All you need to do is add signs and voila, it’s Castle Byers. Will put up three signs in total: Castle Byers, Home of Will the Wise & All Friends Welcome.

Don’t forget to make your hideout extra comfy by adding some blankets, pillows and maybe a mattress or two just like the actual Castle Byers.


Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Photo Booth Backdrop

One of the most important pieces to a great Stranger Things party is a great photo booth backdrop. There’s nothing more iconic from Stranger Things than Joyce Byers’ living room Alphabet Wall with Christmas lights. We recreated the Stranger Things Alphabet Wall for you as another awesome download (available in our Stranger Things party pack). It’s a large print (4×6 feet) but for a photo booth you need something large. We recommend first checking at your local library to see if they have a Makerspace. These can be found inside local libraries throughout the United States and are available to the public. If you don’t live in the United States or near a Makerspace, check your local print shop for prices. The Makerspace is awesome because you can print on vinyl up to 5 feet wide and however long as you need. The cost for the one located here in Ohio is only $3 per linear foot! I got this printed off for Halloween this year and only paid $18! I put it outside for all the Trick-Or-Treaters to take selfies with and they loved it! So on your invites tell guests to dress up as their favorite character to make the picture op even better!

Halloween 2022 - Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Photo Booth Backdrop


Stranger Things 80's Party Favors

Last but not least, you can’t forget to send guests home with a little 80’s swag. We drew up these 80’s inspired Missing Children’s Milk Carton party favors that are super simple to put together. In the early 1980’s the idea of using milk cartons to advertise missing children became a huge thing. As time went on, better forms of advertising became available so this was phased out but it is one of the many symbols of the 80’s. You can make your own Strange Milk for guests to take home with Will’s “Missing” poster as well as one for Barb. These were really easy to make and took under 5 minutes. Fill it full of small treats or small toys from the 80’s or maybe add some Stranger Things swag. The pictures don’t do these things justice! They made some really cool decor spread out on the food table!

Stranger Things Party - 80's Missing Child Milk Carton of Will & Barb
How to Make Stranger Things Child Missing Milk Carton Party Favor

If you want to go the super easy route, print off some Stranger Things party tags that says “Thanks for making my party strange” and attach it to any party favor of your choice.

Stranger Things Party - tags

Up next, games and activities! A great party has the best entertainment and we’ve got the best ideas on Stranger Things games and 80’s themed games to go along with any Stranger Things party. 

Thanks for being Strange with us,

Stacey + Niki

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