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Alphabet Letter Crafts S, T, U, V

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S is for SNAKE — T is for TRAIN — U is for UMBRELLA — V is for VEGETABLE!

Free printable alphabet letter crafts to help your little one learn the ABC’s. Follow along with us as we roll out a craft for the entire alphabet. One more post and we’ll have the entire alphabet available so you and your littles can go at your own pace.

We’ve made a colored printable letter and a black + white printable letter for full creativity! Print off, cut out, glue on and you’re done. Or take it up a notch by adding whatever supplies you have on hand. That’s what’s so great about these alphabet letter crafts; they can be embellished and bedazzled to however your child desires!

Sssss!! There are so many ways your child can decorate their snakes. We opted for cutting and gluing one and then using fingers to paint the scales on the other.

Chugga chugga choo choo!! Stacey’s son, Makai, is obsessed with trains. I think they have the entire Thomas the Train collection, no joke! If you had some cotton balls around, that would make a cool smoke effect coming out the top.

Letter V is one of my favorites because we snack on veggies and talk about all the different kinds while we’re crafting.

We hang these up on the wall one by one until we’ve finished the entire alphabet. Our kids love looking at all the letters they’ve learned and created. It’s like their own little art exhibit! If you’re just getting started, click on the letters below to see the post and get the free downloads:

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher, nanny, daycare worker, babysitter (did I miss anyone) these alphabet letter crafts are the perfect addition to helping the littles in your life learn their abc’s.

For even more abc learning, check out our fun alphabet sensory bin activity that will help with fine motor skills and matching as well! (click here to read the post and download the free prints)

We are consistently adding printables, craft ideas, kids activities (all ages), party decor + games and more so follow us on instagram @thealohahut to be notified when we put out new content.

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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