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How to Throw the Best Stranger Things Party: Part 1

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Whether you’re planning an epic Halloween party, stellar birthday party or the perfect viewing party, we’ve put together 16 totally rad Stranger Things party ideas, along with a bunch of awesome printables that every Stranger Things fan will love. Let’s take a dive into the Upside Down and see all of our best ideas to help you throw the best Stranger Things party of the year!

It’s hard to believe that Stranger Things will be coming to an end next year. Netflix announced that Season 5 will sadly be the final chapter from the 80’s inspired hit series; but just because the kids from Hawkins Indiana will be saying goodbye, doesn’t mean we can’t keep the strangeness alive with some stellar parties!

Stranger Things Party Invites & Cupcake Toppers

This Stranger Things party is chock full of ideas so we’ve broken it down into three posts. Click the links to jump between posts:


It all starts with the perfect invite. If you aren’t familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator or any other design program, don’t worry because we’ve got you. You can pick from five different printable Stranger Things Party Invitations that you can customize by writing in your own info or uploading to a free app like Canva and inserting your own text in the blank spaces. These Stranger Things invitations are versatile and can be used for Halloween, a Stranger Things birthday party or Stranger Things viewing parties!


One of the easiest ways to show the theme of the party is through cupcake toppers. We created printable Stranger Things cupcake toppers that only require you to cut out, attach to toothpicks and stick into your cupcakes or cake. Download the Stranger Things cupcake toppers for Season 1, Season 3, or Season 4.

Stranger Things Party Invites & Cupcake Toppers


Every party needs some great food. Lucky for us, pizza is the perfect food for a Stranger Things party! Turn any brown pizza box into a Surfer’s Boy pizza with these printable box covers. And use the matching food signs for sides like breadsticks, veggies, a salad or fruit. Or make the ultimate waffle bar that Eleven would be proud of with these waffle themed food signs. For dessert, make an ice cream bar using our signs for Scoops Ahoy!

Check out the other posts that will help give you even more ideas on how to plan an unforgettable party!

Thanks for being Strange with us,

Stacey + Niki

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