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Easy Valentine’s Day Boxes – Valentine Vending Machine

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Easy Valentine's Day Box Ideas - free printable - Vending Machine, Frog, Bear

Need help with a cute and easy school Valentine’s Day box idea? We love making valentine boxes with the kids, but sometimes we’re short on time and just need a simple valentine box that can be put together real quick. We’ve designed four printable valentine boxes for easy assembly, with two of them being free printables! You can simply print, cut, and glue and you’ve got a completed box. Doesn’t get much easier than that! The kids can also make them unique by adding embellishments and extras to create a DIY valentine box they’ll love taking to school.

#1 – DIY Vending Machine Valentine Box

Easy Valentine's Day Box Ideas - free printable - Vending Machine, Frog, Bear

We’ve seen a few vending machine Valentine’s Day boxes floating around the web and decided to create a simple DIY vending machine box the kids could easily make. This is a great box for elementary aged kids and needs very little adult assistance. You can make it real simple or add extras to make it more realistic.

Valentine vending machine DIY Valentine's Day box. The perfect Valentine's Day box to take to school and impress your class. This is a fun and easy project that just requires you to download the Valentine vending machine printable, cut out, and paste to your box. Embellish with your favorite candy and you've got a simple and adorable box to collect your Valentine's Day cards.

After making this vending valentine box twice (for two different kids!), we suggest wrapping your box in wrapping paper first to make it look more finished. We just grabbed solid color wrapping paper at the Dollar Store and then added the printable.

*Download the Valentine vending machine box here!

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Easy Valentine's Day Box Ideas - free printable - Vending Machine, Frog, Bear

The vending machine printable measures 11×17″. If you don’t already have a box on hand, our printable fits perfectly on the Home Depot small moving box that is 11×17″. And bonus, the small Home Depot moving box is only a little over $1! To get rid of all the logos and writing on the box you can either paint the box, wrap it in wrapping paper, or turn the box inside out. We opted to turn the box inside out.

To turn the box inside out, carefully cut the seam of the box with a knife so it can be opened up flat. Turn the box over to the non printed side (so it is inside out) and glue the seam back together using a hot glue gun. Tape the box together like normal using packaging tape.

Print the valentine vending machine file on regular weight 11×17″ paper. Attach it to the box with white Elmer’s glue or a glue stick. Using a hot glue gun, add your Valentine’s Day candy of choice to your vending machine. Use an exacto knife to cut a slit for a dollar bill to fit in and cut out the bottom slot for the candy to be retrieved (or the kids can use this hole to put valentines in).

Next, we added a little window to our vending machine valentine box, but this is totally optional. To do this cut four strips of cardboard the length of your vending machine window. Hot glue the corners together to make a rectangle. For the glass we laminated a plain laminating sheet (you could use any clear plastic, for example a sheet protector sleeve would work if you don’t have a laminator). Glue the sheet to the cardboard rectangle and then cut the excess clear plastic that’s hanging over the edges. Hot glue the vending machine window to the valentine box.

Our Home Depot box already had holes in it for holding the box so we just used these holes for kids to put the valentines in. If needed, cut larger. If your box doesn’t have a hole for kids to drop valentines in, add one. 

The kiddos loved making this valentine vending machine box! It only took us about 20 minutes from start to finish and was super easy to assemble. Kamaile can’t wait to take it to school and show all her friends her cool valentine vending machine box!

#2 – Gumball Machine Valentine Box

How to make a Valentine's Day gumball machine box for kids. Includes step by step instruction with a printable red or pink gumball machine, all the supplies you need to make a DIY homemade valentine box!

Next up is this awesome and fun gumball machine valentine box! This one was super easy to make and turned out so cool. Once we gathered all the supplies it only took us about 15 minutes to make this gumball machine valentine box. Comes as a 11×17″ print or one that you can print from home on two 8.5×11″ pages and then glue together.

We’ve got a printable for you to download that comes with both a pink gumball machine and the red gumball machine. The files also include step by step instructions for assembling this DIY valentine craft. This was such a fun homemade box to make and all the kids begged to have some of the gumballs, so of course we had to make little gumball machine valentines too!

Make your gumball machine box and then pair them with gumball machine valentines for the perfect combo. All the kids loved them! If you’re looking for unique DIY valentines, check out more printable and affordable Valentine’s Day cards in the shop. We love printable valentines because you can print from home. Simply download, print as many as you need, and attach a treat or fun prize / gift. There are lots of non-candy valentine card options too.

#3 – Toad-aly Awesome Toad Valentine Box (FREE)

This toad DIY valentine box is super simple and cute! There are two 11×17″ pages to print: the body and the eyes + arms. We prefer to print on cardstock paper so it’s a little more sturdy. Cut out all the pieces and glue the body to front of your box. Then glue the eyes and arm pieces together (before attaching to the box) so they’re double sided. Next, attach the body pieces to the box.

For the box we once again used the Home Depot small moving box that is 11×17″ and turned it inside out (so the box is plain). You could easily paint your box green or wrap it in green wrapping paper (check out the dollar store for cheap wrapping paper). The toad Valentine’s Day box took us less than 10 minutes to assemble. So cute and super easy! Find the printable at the bottom of this post.

#4 – Beary Cool Bear Valentine Box (FREE)

This beary cool bear Valentine’s Day box is just as easy as the toad valentine box. Simply print the free printable bear valentine box printables below, cut out the pieces, and glue to your cardboard box. Make sure to print the ears and arms on cardstock paper so they’re more sturdy. If your box doesn’t already have a hole in it for the kids to drop their valentines in, make sure to cut one.

Easy Valentine's Day Box Ideas - free printable - Vending Machine, Frog, Bear

Making school Valentine’s Day boxes with the kids is a fun tradition in our house! The kids look forward to making valentine boxes together and then making our own valentines to hand out at school. If you need more ideas for easy DIY valentine cards, check out our printable Valentine’s Day cards here.

Put on a Valentine’s Day movie and have fun making unique school valentine boxes and cards together. Here is a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day movies for the family and kids:

15 Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Family Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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