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Mermaid Playdough Mat and Yarn Activity for Kids

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This was such a FUN activity!! We’ve created a free printable Mermaid (in two different skin tones) for your child to do two activities with. They can braid, cut, style her hair and then create an one of a kind outfit with playdough and craft items.

Like always, our prints are free! Download the print at the bottom of this post, send it to your local print shop (we print them on 12×18” 12pt paper in full color for only $2.18!), cut out, laminate (we used 2 normal laminating sheets, one on the top and one on the bottom), punch holes, then thread the yarn through and let the kids play!

The hair salon activity is great for using any leftover yarn you have in your craft materials. By laminating the print, you can do the activity over and over again by just adding new hair (yarn) when needed. The older kids loved practicing their braiding while the younger ones loved putting in bows + clips and giving the mermaids haircuts.

The outfit design was loads of fun as well! We used playdough for the base and then added glitter and seashells. You could really use any craft materials you have on hand. And if you have some small cookie cutters, those could be used to create some fun designs also!

To give you some perspective, Stacey’s son Makai, is holding the mermaid. He’s 4 years old. They are pretty big (which is amazing that it only cost us $2.18 to print) but you could also print it on regular sized cardstock, it would just be a smaller version.

The kids loved this activity so much that we’ll definitely be making a few more. So stay tuned, we’ve already decided on a unicorn and Rapunzel print. 🙂

Stacey + Niki

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