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Father’s Day Singing Time

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It’s almost Father’s Day and we’ve created a fun game to help celebrate all the amazing men in our lives! This free printable game is a combination of singing and the classic ‘pin the nose’ game, but with ties instead. Perfect to help keep young ones entertained while they’re learning songs. This game is designed to use this with a bigger group of children like at church during primary or in a preschool.

You have two options: a large print or a regular sized print. If you choose the larger size, send it to your local print shop and print it as a 12×18 poster print (12pt paper). We get ours printed for only $2.18! The ties are larger also but printed on regular sized paper (8.5×11) so you can have them print those off also or you can just print them from home. If you choose the regular size then you can print them all from home.

We’ve also created 4 different skin-toned/hair colored father’s, plus a blank one if you prefer to draw your own. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Free printable dad + ties
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A real tie

And here’s how to play:

  1. Choose your dad
  2. Print off the dad and ties
  3. Cut out the ties
  4. Write the songs your kids are learning on the back of the ties
  5. Hang the dad and ties on the wall (or for a fun twist, hide the ties around the room)
  6. Choose a child to go first, they pick a tie
  7. Cover their eyes with the real tie and they try to pin the tie on dad
  8. Everyone practices singing the song
  9. Repeat

This free printable game is such a fun way to celebrate dad and Father’s Day! If you love this game, check out our free printable Father’s Day gift/activity idea using the same prints (click picture below).

DIY Fathers Day gift + game

Happy Father’s Day!!

Stacey + Niki


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