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Best Gifts for Toddler Girls Ages 2 & 3

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Between the two of us, we have NINE kids! If your toddlers are anything like ours, they want a new toy every time you go to the store. I think it’s safe to say we’ve bought our fair share of toys throughout the years. We’ve learned what toys MOST kids will actually play with vs what just looks pretty (or fun) in the moment. We’ve also learned what toy brands are sturdy enough to last through multiple kids and which toys are universally popular no matter what year the child was born. In this post, we’ve put together our favorite toys and gifts for toddler girls ages 2 and 3. We’ve also attached a free printable Christmas Wish List at the bottom of this post so you can easily get your holiday shopping organized and checked off.


Check out the best toys for toddler girls ages 2-3:

  1. PAINT DOT MARKERS: These are perfect for little hands and reduce mess by a ton! This isn’t so much a toy but craft items make the perfect gifts.
  2. PLAYMOBIL 123: This is one of our all time favorite toy brands. It’s German made and amazing quality. Our mom bought Playmobil when we were growing up. We played with them every day, building our house with Lincoln Logs (remember those) and adding all the fun, detailed furniture. They’ve lasted over all these years. The faces don’t wear down with play and are great water toys as well. The grandkids still pull these out whenever they go to grandma’s house. They especially love the trains. The girls tend to grab this cute animal train. Check out their store here or on Amazon because there are so many great sets!
  3. BOOKS: Again, these aren’t toys but reading should be in your toddlers daily schedule, right along with playing and napping. Some of our favorite books are:
    • any of the Poke A Dot books
    • Faster Faster and Hair by Leslie Patricelli – Any of her books are fabulous! Toddlers love all the colorful drawings. These books have been favorites amongst all our kids.
    • another great author/illustrator is Karen Katz, some of our favorites of hers are No Biting and I Can Share – her books always have a lesson or are educational
    • The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear – this one is a classic that not too many people know about
    • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – another classic that every child should have in their library!
  4. PLAY KITCHEN: We love the look of this retro one from KidKraft. It’s sturdy and adds to our decor. If you have a few kids around the same age, or do lots of play dates, we recommend this one where the fridge is separated so more kids can play at once.
  5. PLAY FOOD: The brand you need to get is Learning Resources. We love the look of wooden food but unfortunately, those hard, heavy blocks are ruthless to little ones heads (you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think your toddler will ever get tempted and chuck those right into the head of another child). And we’ve noticed that our kids don’t actually like to play with wooden food. They prefer something softer and more realistic. These Learning Resources New Sprouts food are made from super thick plastic (not hard like the Melissa and Doug ones) and will still look brand new for years even after they’ve been bitten on and thrown all over.
  6. SHOPPING CART: We chose this one from Pottery Barn because of the look and durability. It not only matches the kitchen set but it has held up so well over the years.
  7. MATCHING EGG SET: Learning through play is the Montessori way!
  8. PUZZLES: Our toddlers love these chunky puzzles from Melissa and Doug.
  9. PLAY DOH: I would say most parents either love or hate playdough. Toddlers love playdough though! Our kids play with it almost every day. Play Doh has some great sets that help spark a child’s imagination. Our favorites are the Ice Cream Party Set and the Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations. And don’t forget to print off our free printable playdough mats to take this gift up a notch!
  10. PLAY KITCHEN SINK: This is different from the play kitchen because you can actually add water to the bottom and then it pumps it up through the faucet. Toddlers love it!
  11. BABY DOLL: We were debating between getting this little girl doll or this little boy doll on Amazon. We about died when we saw them. Aren’t they so realistic looking and adorable!?! Once the doll comes we’ll update you all on the quality. But any doll will be a big hit for for your toddler.
  12. TRICYCLE: The kids really enjoy this Radio Flyer one. Radio Flyer is a great brand and this will definitely last for multiple kids. We prefer the one with the removable handle because when they first start out, you’ll kill your back bending over and pushing them.
  13. LEGO DUPLO: Building toys are not only fun but very educational. We love this Town Bakery set for a little girl.

Download the free printable Christmas Wish List below to help get all your holiday shopping organized and done!

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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