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I Spy a Princess Game

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We are big Disney princess fans at our house and can’t wait to go back and hug our favorite characters (please say we’ll be able to hug again post-covid?!?). Until then, we’ve got FREE printables to bring Disney to you! We’re showing you three different ways to use these prints to create magical memories with your toddler and all their favorite Disney princesses. You can download the free prints at the bottom of this post.

Idea #1: I Spy a Disney Princess Toddler Activity with Chia Seed Slime

This first activity is a taste safe sensory play idea using chia seeds! If your little toddler happened to explore a little with their mouths, it would be okay. For this activity you’ll want to print and laminate our Disney princess scene page and our “I Spy a Disney Princess” checklist page. Then make chia slime.

Chia Seed Slime is one of the easiest slimes to make and the texture is so fun for toddlers! To make chia seed slime for your taste safe sensory play bin:

  • Add ½ cup chia seeds to 4 cups of water
  • Add food coloring, if desired, for that magic touch!
  • Mix well, cover, and let sit for about 10-20 minutes (you can always add more water if needed and the seeds will soak it right up)

To play, place the laminated princess scene underneath a glass baking dish like shown above. We used our pyrex casserole dish, but you could use any clear dish. You just want to make sure it’s big enough that you can see the whole Disney princess scene underneath and that it has sides so that the chia seed slime doesn’t escape.

Next, add your chia seed slime! Add enough to cover the entire Disney princess scene. Now the really fun part — using little baby spoons or fingers and toes, your toddler has to play “I Spy a Princess” and search for each princess. Depending on their age they can play in the chia seed slime and just mark off any princess they find. Or to make it a little more challenging for older toddlers, have them go in order finding the princess next on the list to check-off. Chia seed slime is messy but oh so fun! Depending on how messy you let them get, we’d suggest playing outside where you can hose them off afterwards for easy clean-up.

Idea #2: I Spy a Disney Princess Pasta and Rice Sensory Bin Matching Game

This option is a lot less messy, but still just as fun! To make this sensory bin you’ll want to first color rice or pasta (or leave as is). For a simple and quick tutorial on coloring rice and pasta, click here. You’ll want to print off our Disney princess pages, cut out the circles, and laminate the game pieces.

We had some Disney princess character toys that we also added to the bin. The object of this game is to hide the laminated princess game pieces in the rice and pasta sensory bin and have your toddler match the princess to their checklist. When they find the princess, they check it off. This is a great matching game that helps toddlers with visual training, increase attention to detail, and helps them find similarities and differences in objects.

To make it a little more challenging and increase fine motor skills, have them use tweezers when searching for the princesses. Sensory bins are a great hands-on tool for children to explore their world through senses and creative play. And they’re a lot of fun!

Idea #3: I Spy a Disney Princess Toddler Activity with Oobleck

This option is the same concept as the chia seed slime, but with oobleck. This was by far the favorite of all the kids — ranging from our 23 month old toddler to our 12 year old! Oobleck is such a cool medium. It’s not a liquid or solid, but has properties of both. It’s known as a non-Newtonian fluid. When not being played with, oobleck is gooey, sticky, and melts in your hand like a liquid. However, as soon as you hit it or roll it in your hands and put pressure on it, it appears to be a solid.

Oobleck is really easy to make with basic household items:

  • Add 2 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water
  • If you want to color your oobleck, add food coloring to watering before added cornstarch
  • Mix well
  • Add more water or cornstarch as needed, until you get the desired consistency

To play I Spy a Disney Princess with oobleck, place the laminated princess scene underneath a glass baking dish like shown above. Again we recommend a pyrex glass baking dish, or something similar. Add oobleck to your dash and make sure the Disney princess scene is completely covered.

Using hands or baby spoons, let your kids play in the oobleck and move it around to search for the princesses. Our kids preferred to use their hands! When they found the princess they were searching for they added a blob of oobleck to the page to check the princess off the list. Oobleck is definitely messy, but clean up is easy. It washes right off, or if you let it dry you can just sweep it up.

Download all of the free prints below! We hope your toddlers enjoy these sensory activity games. Follow us on instagram @thealohahut to see what activities free prints are coming up. And please tag us so we can see your toddler in action.

Much love and aloha,

Stacey and Niki

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