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Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts & Valentine Tags

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Looking for simple and inexpensive Valentine’s day gift ideas to give the kids? We’ve rounded up our top eight favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas the kids will love. Best part is, they won’t break the bank.  Read on for eight simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids and to get our printable Valentine’s Day gift tags and matching Valentine’s Day coupon booklet.

Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

1 – A new book. We love any excuse to add to our book collection! It can be a Valentine’s Day themed book, but don’t just limit it to that. Get the kids hooked on reading by gifting them new and fun books they’ll be excited to read. Giving books as gifts is a great way to foster a love for reading. We try to find any excuse to gift books throughout the year!

2 – Small bag of their favorite candy. Put it in a cellophane bag and add our cute Valentine’s Day gift tags.

3 – Valentine’s Day cookies or cupcakes. If you don’t want to make a treat from scratch, pick up a treat from your local bakery. Our favorite Valentine’s Day dessert boxes are Crumbl Cookies and Sweet Tooth Fairy. The best part is they come packaged in a super cute box, ready to give as a gift.

4 – One-on-one date with mom or dad. Make the kids feel extra special by giving them your undivided attention. They will love a kids date night. This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions and gifts to give. Kids love the gift of quality time!

5 – A gift to pamper themselves. Fingernail polish, bath bombs, bath color fizzies (these are so fun for the best bath time!), sugar scrubs (click here to see our favorite DIY recipe), lotions, chapstick, etc. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with items to pamper the ones you love. You could even make it a spa day party at home.

6 – Personalized Valentine’s day coupons. There are so many ideas and activities you could write down. Some coupon examples: late night, get out of chores day, family movie night, family game night, bike ride, hike, family night out, dessert. The sky’s the limit! We have an entire post on this so click here to see our ideas along with a printable Valentine’s Day coupon booklet and coupons.

7 – Small gift basket: Lego set, puzzle, stuffed animal, school supplies, art supplies, slime kit, etc.

8 – A new piece of clothing: Valentine’s Day shirt, Valentine’s Day pajamas (we love Children’s Place because they’re adorable and good quality), or a new dress or tie. This is great if you plan to take Valentine’s day photos from year to year.

Hopefully these ideas help you give the perfect Valentine’s gift to your loved ones. Download our set of printable Valentine’s Day tags you can add to any gift for that perfect finishing touch. We made the Valentine’s Day gift tags and matching Valentine’s Day coupon book to help you put together a simple and easy Valentine gift, especially a last minute gift. Print the tags and and attach to your valentine’s day gifts.

If you’re looking for more ways to show and spread love this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Day traditions ideas. We have some fun and simple Valentine’s Day traditions that will make the kids feel extra special this year.

Happy month of love!!

Much alofa / love, and ALOHA,

Stacey + Niki

Valentine's Day tags and matching Valentine's Day coupon booklet for an easy and thoughtful DIY homemade Valentine gift idea.

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