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Valentine’s Day Coupon Booklet + Valentine Game

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Looking for a simple and easy way to show love on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got a free Valentine’s Day coupon booklet for the kids (or for the kids to give to parents or grandparents), plus 11 awesome “coupon” ideas and traditions to celebrate those you love!!


Nothing says “I Love You” like a homemade coupon booklet. They make the most sincere and sweetest gifts. We’ve created a free printable Valentine’s Day Coupon Booklet for you to easily print off and give to your kids, or vice versa. They also make great gifts to give grandma and grandpa. You don’t always have to buy them new stuff for each holiday…spending time and building memories together is more important and the best gift in our opinion!

The coupons are blank and ready for a personal touch. Customize them with things you know your child will love or pick a few from our favorite Valentine’s Day coupon book ideas:

1 – Late night: I can’t think of a kid who doesn’t love the idea of staying up late; our kids beg all the time so this coupon is the perfect balance for both parent and child.

2 – Dessert date: Even better, pick out a new recipe (or old favorite) and bake it together for the entire family. Baking is one of our favorite activities to do with our kids. It helps promote independence, self-esteem and cognitive skills. It also helps you connect with your child. They’ll open up to you and share things that they may not have had the chance to do during normal days.

3 – No chores: Again, what child wouldn’t love this coupon up their sleeve?! We know our kids wouldn’t mind an entire booklet full of them.

4 – Family movie (here are some suggestions)

5 – One on one: Just as important it is to go on frequent dates with your spouse, the same goes for kids. Especially when you have a larger family, the alone time with each child is crucial to fostering a loving/trusting relationship.

6 – Game night (here are some of our favorites; we put a star by our top picks)

7 – Breakfast in bed: This will make anyone feel extra special!

8 – Ten minute back scratch while going to bed: Our mom gives the best back scratches. She was pretty good at giving at least one kid a back scratch per night (keep in mind she had seven kids!). Her grandkids now look forward to her back scratches when they sleep over. This is actually one of our favorite ways to talk to our kids about their day. Our oldest sister lays down with each of her kids each night and does this thing she calls “One Bad, Two Good”. Your child tells you one bad thing that happened that day and two good. The idea is to catch if your child is having any issues (or if there is a serious problem that needs help) and teach them to look at the positive (hence more good things vs bad).

9 – Pick what’s for dinner

10 – Pizza night

11 – Extra screen time: We do not promote screen time and most of the time want to throw all our devices out the window, but we do recognize that our children enjoy those devices and there are some good apps/movies/games out there.

We especially love the idea of giving a coupon booklet as a Valentine’s Day gift because the holiday is right after Christmas; and the last thing a kid needs is another toy. These coupon booklets are super simple but will be a huge hit with the kids.

Need more ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts for kids? Check out our post for 8 Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids. And if you’re looking for some fun traditions, check out this post here.

We hope these Valentine’s Day coupon booklets inspire you to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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