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How to Help Kids with Chores + Daily Chore Chart

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Need help knowing how to get the kids to do chores around the house? We’ve done our fair share of chore chart systems to get kids movitated and to have them help around the house. We find the best chore chart for kids is sometimes the simplest system. Read below for our chore chart system and grab the printable chore chart for kids + rewards sheet to motivate kids to help out around the house!

Help kids set, keep, and track goals with a daily reward chart and daily chores tracker checklist. Includes princess, superhero, and rainbow reward chart plus a daily charts list for kids to personalize and track each week.

We no longer offer them as a free printable, but they’re a great deal in our shop and we’ve combined them with our rewards chart! Thanks for supporting our little blog and making it possible for us to create and share more printables. Keep reading below for ideas on how to use the chore charts to help motivate your kiddos to do chores and help around the house.

If you’re like us, you’re struggling with the laid back summer schedule and kids being home ALL day. Or maybe you’re struggling to juggle the busy school year schedule and keeping track of the daily to do list. Let the kids help! Sometimes the simplest ideas are just what we need to keep an orderly house and our kids focused and on track to set up good habits. We have a very simple but extremely helpful daily chore chart to help kids (and parents) track the tasks that need to be done on the daily. The best part is this chore chart for kids is works great anytime of the year and can be tailored to fit your child’s age and ability!

This printable daily chore chart is completely customizable. All chores are left blank so you can fill them in according to what your family needs and according to each child. Some children need very specific tasks like “brush your teeth” while others understand “get ready” is a combination of getting dressed, making your bed, doing your hair and brushing your teeth…trust me, I get it. Half my kids are on the ball most days while the other half literally need me to spell it all out for them in detail. 🙂

That’s what we’ve loved so much about these charts. Each one is filled in according to each child’s personality and age. And one of my favorite things about these, when the kids ask to play on electronics I just ask if their chart is complete. No whining, no complaining (for the most part). I’m all about ANYTHING that makes my life as a mom easier and this chart has done the trick. It’s so simple but so effective!!

We laminate ours and put them on the fridge or on our giant magnet board/calendar board for easy access and as a visual reminder. The kids wake up and get to work on it right away. It just helps keep our sanity in check and helps them have direction each day. Now to up the ante a little, pair this chore chart with our awesome rewards chart. Read all about that here. The chore chart combined with the rewards chart is the perfect combo to really get kids motivated by creating good daily habits and by setting and achieving personal goals.

We hope these chore charts and kids rewards charts help make your family happier as they learn to work together to keep the home organized. Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @thealohahut or follow us on any of our socials to see all our printables.

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

Grab the printable rewards charts and chore charts in our shop!

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