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Don’t Eat Pete Halloween Game & Kids Activity

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Don't Eat the Monster - Kids Halloween Party Game - Don't Eat Pete - free printable

Ready for a spooky twist on the classic Don’t Eat Pete game? This one is called Don’t Eat the Monster and it’s the perfect addition to your Halloween festivities or for the school classroom party station. Get this free printable below, add some treats, and grab the kids for a fun and easy Halloween game.

Don't Eat the Monster - Kids Halloween Party Game - Don't Eat Pete - free printable

If you haven’t played the classic Don’t Eat Pete game with your kids, you’re in for a treat! It’s so simple and causes so much laughter and squeals of excitement! Here’s how to play:

  • Place the board on a table and everyone huddles around.
  • Place a candy/treat/toy on each monster.
  • Choose one player to go out of the room.
  • Player comes back in the room and starts picking one candy/treat/toy at a time.
  • When the player grabs the candy/treat/toy on top of “Pete” everyone yells “Don’t Eat the Monster!!”
  • That player’s turn is now over and he/she gets to keep all the candy/treats/toys they collected before they got out.
  • Continue with the next player.
  • Play until everyone has had a turn.
  • Everyone decides on one monster to be “Pete”.

Isn’t that so fun!?!? This is the perfect game for a school classroom party, but instead of making players leave the room, just have them turn their backs while the kids choose quietly which monster is “Pete”. It’s such an easy station for the Halloween class party and all the kids love it!

To assemble the game, simply print off our Free Printable down below on standard 8.5×11” paper or cardstock. To make it more durable and reusable, we like to laminate ours. Then tape the two pages together. So easy, even the busiest of moms can pull this off!

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