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Easter Story Eggs

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“He is not here, for He is RISEN!” Such an amazing and true story deserves a fun and unique way of being told. In come the Easter Story Eggs (aka Resurrection Eggs). Little kids learn best and remember more through visual teaching. The Easter Story Eggs not only do both, but they also provide a fun spiritual tradition that your kids will want to do every year and continue the tradition with their kids in years to come. We’ve put together another FREE PRINTABLE to help make it easy for you. Print off, cut out and gather all the items to create this spiritual and hands on tradition.

Items you will need to make your own Easter Story / Resurrection Eggs:

  • cup
  • coins
  • twine (or string)
  • small chunk of soap
  • piece of red fabric
  • nail
  • dice
  • rocks
  • piece of white fabric
  • stone
  • cinnamon
  • 12 plastic eggs & a container

We used these eggs and container from Amazon but switched up the story. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we prefer to focus on Christs resurrection as opposed to His death. So we chose to add our own descriptions in each egg following this activity from the Friend magazine.

If you prefer not to purchase the Resurrection Eggs then you can use an old egg carton to store them or store the eggs in a cute little plastic egg container like this one. Or skip the carton all together and just gather them all in an Easter basket.

If you’ve never done Easter story eggs before, we guarantee you and your family will love them! It’s been a tradition in our home for almost 14 years now and the kids still love it. Each year it’s as if they learn something new. The little kids especially love getting to touch each item.

We have a bunch of free Easter printables like this to help you celebrate the Easter holiday with your family. Click the pictures below to go to the post.

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Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

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